IMPORTANT - Reminder: Coaches (3/30/2020)

A reminder to Coaches - Updated 3/30/2020

All coaches in the 1st Division are required to hold a USSF D License, all coaches in the 2nd division must hold two USSF Grassroots Licenses (In person 9v9 and 11v11 only)* 

Coach License Requirements:  For this 2020 season only, due to the impact on coach license course dates, any coach who does not have the requisite license for the division in which he/she coaches (minimum D license for the National Division, minimum E license for the Presidents Division), that coach may be on the sideline for games provided that another coach is with him/her that does have the requisite license.

*Coaches who currently hold an equivalent license from a recognized organization other than USSF and have coached annually in the Thruway League from 2014 forward will be grandfathered.