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Welcome to the Thruway Soccer League

Welcome to the home of the Thruway Soccer League, the place for premier teams to play soccer in central and western New York state.

Why play in the Thruway League?

1) The Thruway League is the only true promotion/relegation premier league in New York West.

2) The Thruway League Presidents division winners from New York West receive automatic invite to the US Youth Soccer Region 1 Presidents Cup tournament (specific age groups). 

3) The Thruway League is a qualifying league for the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series for both New York State West Youth Soccer and Eastern NY Youth Soccer

2015 Thruway League Annual General Meeting
New Date!

The 2015 Thruway League Annual General Meeting will be held on March 15, 2015 at the RIT Inn (5257 West Henrietta Road, Henrietta, NY 14467) starting at 2:00PM. 

The meeting will include a review of the previous season and election for positions of League President and Secretary.  

2015 Accepted Teams and Division Placements

Below, please see the 2015 Division Alignments

Pleasse note, we received a record number of applications this season.  Well over 220 teams applied.  213 were accepted.  Of the 213 teams, 146 are returning teams, and 67 are new to the league.

As a reminder - all team registration fees are now due!

All division placements are now final!

Teams will receive their scheduling worksheets and instructions by March 1

Accepted Teams and Division Alignments

NYW Thruway League 2015

Under 11
Under 11 Boys - National (1st)
DMS United BU11 Black
ERSA Buffalo U11B
ERSA Rochester U11B
GPS-NY Knights
SDA U11 Boys
SSA Predators
Western NY Flash Academy Boys U11
Under 11 Boys - Presidents (2nd)
BSA U11 Boys Niagara
Chili Soccer Association Revolution
Delaware Soccer Club Europa
RFC U11 Boys
Soaring Capital Eagles
Under 12
Under 12 Boys - National (1st)
ERSA Buffalo U12B Blue
ERSA Rochester U12 Boys
GBUFC Boys U12 Select 02/03
GPS-NY Knights
SDA U12 Boys Blue
Webster Dynamo ESA U12B
Western NY Flash Academy U12 Boys
Under 12 Boys - Presidents (2nd)
BSA U12 Boys Elite
Cobras FC Borcyk
Cobras FC Guzylak
DMS U12 Boys Pre-Academy
ERSA Buffalo U12B Red
RFC U12 Boys
SDA U12 Boys Orange
TC United Waza Academy
Under 13
Under 13 Boys - National (1st)
ERSA Buffalo U13B Blue
ERSA Rochester U13 Boys
GBUFC U13B Select
RFC U13 Boys
SDA U13 Boys
Super 9 U13 Boys
Western NY Flash Academy U13 Boys
Under 13 Boys - Presidents (2nd)
Amherst Fusion
Black Watch U13B Gunners
FC Dutchmen Miller
GPS-NY Knights
Rhino's Elite SC 01/02 Boys
Under 14
Under 14 Boys - National (1st)
Clarence SC Inferno Black
Cobras FC Misiurewicz
DMS U14 Boys Academy
ERSA Buffalo U14 Boys Blue
ERSA Rochester U14 Boys
GBUFC Select 00
GPS-NY Knights Elite
RFC U14 Boys
Super 9 U14 Boys
Under 14 Boys - Presidents (2nd)
Amherst United
BSA U14 Boys Niagara
Chili Soccer Association Shamrocks
Coliseum U14B Generals
DMS United U14 Boys
FC Dutchmen Hammers
GPS-NY Knights Select
Soaring Capital City Strikers
TC United Waza Academy
Under 15
Under 15 Boys - National (1st)
Amherst Attack
Chili Soccer Association FC
Coliseum Chelsea
ERSA Buffalo U15B
ERSA Rochester U15B
FC Dutchmen Gunners
GBUFC Adidas
Lockport Lightning Premier
Webster Dynamo ESA U15B
Under 15 Boys - Presidents I (2nd)
Cicero United Stars
DMS United U15 Boys
Rhino's Elite SC B99/00
SDA U15B Blue
Soaring Capital Elite
TC United Waza Academy
Under 15 Boys - Presidents II (3rd)
GPS-NY Knights
Odyssey SC Thunder
Pittsford Mustangs Rangers FC
RFC U15 Boys
SDA U15B Orange
Under 16
Under 16 Boys - National (1st)
BSA U16 Boys
ERSA Buffalo U16 Boys
FC Dutchmen U16 Roughnecks
Flower City United
GBUFC 98/99 Boys
RFC U16 Boys
Soaring Capital Firehawks
Super 9 U16 Boys
Webster Dynamo ESA U16B
Under 16 Boys - Presidents (2nd)
Amherst United
Black Watch U16B Montrose
DMS United U16 Boys
GPS-NY Knights
RFC U16 Boys Blue
Rush-Henrietta Falcons
SDA U16 Boys
TC United Waza Academy
Webster Dynamo ESA Realbuto
Under 17
Under 17 Boys - National (1st)
Black Watch U17B Celtic
Cicero United Vipers
Cobras FC Elite
SDA U17 Boys Blue
Soaring Capital Galaxy
Super 9 U17 Boys
Webster Dynamo ESA U17B
Under 17 Boys - Presidents (2nd)
Black Watch ST Aberdeen
Clarence SC Inferno black
FC Dutchmen Carver
GPS-NY Knights
Niagara-Wheatfield Galaxy FC
SSA Sharks
Syracuse Fusion Rovers
Under 18/19
Under 18/19 Boys - National (1st)
DMS United U18/19B Gold
ERSA Buffalo U18B
RFC U18 Boys
SDA U18 Boys
Webster Dynamo ESA U18B
Under 18/19 Boys - Presidents (2nd)
Amherst Stallions
Black Watch U18B Thistle
ERSA Rochester U18B
GPS-NY Knights
TC United Waza Academy
Under 11
Under 11 Girls - National (1st)
Cobras FC Swanson
ERSA Buffalo U11G Blue
ERSA Rochester U11G Blue
GBUFC '03 Select
RFC U11 Girls
Under 11 Girls - Presidents(2nd)
DMS United U11 Girls
ERSA Buffalo U11G Red
ERSA Rochester U11G Red
SDA U11 Girls
Western NY Flash Academy U11 Girls
Under 12
Under 12 Girls - National (1st)
DMS U12 Girls Pre-Academy
ERSA Buffalo U12 Girls Blue
ERSA Rochester U12 Girls Blue
RFC U12 Girls
SDA U12 Girls
Western NY Flash Academy U12 Girls
Under 12 Girls - Presidents (2nd)
Chili Soccer Association Attack
ERSA Buffalo U12 Girls Red
GBUFC '02 Select Red
GPS-NY Lady Knights
Rhino's Elite SC 02/03 Girls
Soaring Capital Eagles
Webster Dynamo ESA U12G
Under 13
Under 13 Girls - National (1st)
DMS U13 Girls Academy
Rising Stars Intensity
SDA U13 Girls Blue
Syracuse Fusion Lyra
Western NY Flash Academy Girls U13
Under 13 Girls - Presidents (2nd)
DMS United U13 Girls
Hamburg Monarchs U13G
RFC U13 Girls
SDA U13 Girls Orange
Soaring Capital Gliders
Vestal Youth Soccer Express
Webster Dynamo ESA U13G
Under 14
Under 14 Girls - National (1st)
BSA Girls 2000
ERSA Rochester U14 Girls Blue
FC Dutchmen Fusion
GBUFC Select Red 00
RFC U14 Girls
SDA East Blasters 00-01
Under 14 Girls - Presidents (2nd)
Black Watch U14G Diamonds
BSA U14 Girls Niagara
DMS U14 Girls Academy
GPS-NY Lady Knights
Odyssey SC U14 Cobras
RFC U14 Girls - B
Soaring Capital Legacy
Syracuse Fusion Velocity
Webster Dynamo ESA U14G
Under 15
Under 15 Girls - National (1st)
ERSA Rochester U15G Blue
GBUFC 99/00 Select Red
GPS-NY Lady Knights
RFC U15 Girls
Webster Dynamo ESA U15G
Under 15 Girls - Presidents (2nd)
Black Watch U15G Killie
DMS United U15 Girls
FC Dutchmen U15 Girls Hurrricane
GBUFC U15G Adidas
Hamburg Monarchs Black
Odyssey SC Scorpions
TC United Waza
Under 16
Under 16 Girls - National (1st)
Black Watch U16G Saints
Cobras FC Krause
FC Dutchmen Fury
GPS-NY Lady Knights
RFC U16 Girls
SSA Angry Monkeys
Syracuse Fusion Pyxis
Under 16 Girls - Presidents (2nd)
Clarence SC Inferno Black
Lockport Lightning
Odyssey SC Comets
Soaring Capital Stealth
Vestal Youth Soccer Revolution
Under 17
Under 17 Girls - National (1st)
Cobras FC -Tegas
Coliseum Juventus
ERSA Rochester U17G
FC Dutchmen Rush
KenTon Revolution
RFC U17 Girls
Soaring Capital Storm
Under 17 Girls - Presidents (2nd)
Black Watch U17G Keelley
DMS United U17 Girls
ERSA Buffalo U17 Girls
Rhino's Elite SC 97/98 Girls
Webster Dynamo ESA U17G
Under 18/19
Under 18/19 Girls - National (1st)
Alliance FC Buffalo Legends
Black Watch U18G Hearts
DMS United U18 Girls
GBUFC Select 96/97G
Odyssey SC Eclipse
RFC U18 Girls
Rhino's Elite SC U18 Girls
2015 Season Team Fees
2015 Team Applications will be accepted beginning January 9, 2015
See the website calendar for important dates.

Team registration fees for the 2015 season remain unchanged.

Referee Match Fees

Your team registration fee will include all referee match fees.  You do not need to bring cash to the field to pay the officials.  Referees will be paid by the league.

As a result the registration fees for 2015 will be as follows:

For the U11 & U12 age groups:  $370 in referee fees and $250 league registration for a total of $620.00

For the U13 & U14 age groups:  $450 in referee fees and $250 league registration for a total of $700.00

For the U15 & U16 age groups:  $560 in referee fees and $250 league registration for a total of $810.00

For the U17 & U18/19 age groups:  $640 in referee fees and $250 league registration for a total of $890.00 


U11 and U12 Format

The U11 and U12 game format will mimic the same format used in the national championship series.  All games will be played 8 v 8 and will be 30 minute halves.

Late Game Changes

In addition to the late cancellation and reschedule fees in the table, all cancellations and reschedules (other than weather or State Cup related) will be charged a $35.00 surcharge.

A reminder to Coaches for the 2015 Season.

Beginning in the 2015 Season, all coaches will be required to hold a USSF E License.

See the policy that was adopted at the 2014 League Annual Meeting.

Need to get your license?  See the current coaching education offerings from NYSW.

Help speed your team's 2015 application by completing the information in the Thruway League Coaches Registry.

Report Your Match Score from Your Smart Phone
Avoid the $10 Late Reporting Fine!

PhoneItIn™ is Demosphere’s revolutionary score reporting system. Instead of being in front of a computer, you can now report scores on the go from your mobile device.

For those more comfortable making a call, Demosphere provides an 800-number for use. From there, users can speak or use touch tone commands to report game scores.

For those with iPhone or Android devices, a free app allows easy score reporting with no phone call required!

Ready to start? Download PhoneItIn from Apple’s iTunes Store or the Google Play Store!

Additionally, please review the screenshots linked below for more information about PhoneItIn™ on your mobile device.

Signing In - Entering a PIN number and a game number   (We will publish the Thruway League Pin number at a later date.)

Confirm - Confirm the game is correct and proceed to enter score

Sign up to receive a text message on your phone for field closures.

At the bottom on the left hand column of the front screen is a green/yellow box.  I encourage all team managers, coaches, and parents to sign up to receive text notifications on their cell phone about field closures.  The service is free, normal text message fees apply depending on your phone plan.  You select what facility you will receive notifications about.

How do I log into my team page?
Log in to print your roster and report your scores.

Look in the policies and procedures menu and find the article entitled "How do I Log into My Team Page" for complete instructions on how to log in.  It is important for teams to know how to access this page to print out match line up rosters and report your match scores.

Format of Game Play


Formats of Game Play
Age Group Format Roster Size Game Length Ball Size Field Variations Recommended Goal Size
U18/19 11 v 11 22 2 - 45 min halves #5 100-130 yards long by 45-90 yards wide  8 feet by 24 feet
U17 11 v 11 22 2 - 45 min halves #5 100-130 yards long by 45-90 yards wide   8 feet by 24 feet
U16 11 v 11 22 2 - 40 min halves #5 100-130 yards long by 45-90 yards wide   8 feet by 24 feet
U15 11 v 11 22 2 - 40 min halves #5 100-130 yards long by 45-90 yards wide   8 feet by 24 feet
U14 11 v 11 22 2 - 35 min halves #5 100-130 yards long by 45-90 yards wide   8 feet by 24 feet
U13 11 v 11 22 2 - 35 min halves #5 100-130 yards long by 45-90 yards wide   8 feet by 24 feet

8 v 8

including the goalkeeper

18 2 - 30 min halves #4 Not Greater than 80 yards long by 55 yards wide 7 feet by 21 feet

8 v 8

including the goalkeeper

18 2 - 30 min halves #4 Not greater than 80 yards long by 55 yards wide 7 feet by 21 feet