Thruway League Announces Partnership with National Clubs Alliance

Thruway League Announces Partnership with National Clubs Alliance

The Thruway League is proud to announce a partnership with National Clubs Alliance on a multi-year agreement effective immediately.  As per the NCA website, the NCA provides a “turnkey solution to secure major strategic partnerships with top brands from around the World”.

Based out of Virginia, NCA has agreed with the Thruway League as their third league partner, along with 52 clubs throughout the Mid-Atlantic and the country.  The other prestigious and successful leagues to partner with NCA are Club Champions (Virginia/Maryland/DC) and Long Island Junior Soccer League (Eastern New York).  As a primary benefit to Thruway League members, all annual NCA fees are waived throughout the length of the agreement.

NCA has secured gold-standard strategic partnerships with some of the top brands in soccer, including the big three of Adidas,, and Kwik Goal.  Other brands included in the agreement include United Soccer Coaches, NCSA - College Recruiting, Sports Refunds, and Travel & Play Tours, among others, to secure opportunities for league members and clubs to benefit from the strategic partnerships and agreements arranged with NCA.

“This is a unique opportunity for the clubs within our League and within New York State West to have access to the best benefits offered by NCA that otherwise might not be available to them”, said Jeff Oliver, Thruway League Vice President.  “We are thrilled that NCA see the Thruway League as a good fit for them along the likes of Club Champions and LIJSL, and we are excited to see how this relationship grows and to see benefits of the agreement come to fruition for our clubs over the next several years.”

"We have spent thousands of hours negotiating top-end strategic partnerships, so clubs don't have to. This saves valuable time so club staff can focus on the day-to-day operations of providing great soccer programming to their communities.  And in the end, the benefits and monies saved help reduce or eliminate a club's budget line items so that they can reallocate those dollars to more important infrastructure such as staff, fields, and scholarships to name a few.  We look forward to supporting the Thruway League and its league members for years to come," commented Brian Kuk, NCA Managing Partner.    

Additional information will be provided to all Thruway League members and participating clubs via a virtual summit in the coming weeks.  To learn more about the National Clubs Alliance, please visit their website at or contact the Thruway League directly at